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Shower head is dope a.f.

Shower head is dope a.f.

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This bitch is shaking the table


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Not even a little bit . (Taken with instagram)


Not even a little bit . (Taken with instagram)

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a BAAD man's mind: Royalty - Black mother of the earth...


Black mother of the earth,

wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror. What a blessing..

but still mentally enslaved by the days, everyday she’s being tested

by the society we live in due to the colour of her skin,

that she devalues for it’s true worth, making herself weaker within.

alot of us out here are walkin the road she’s walking

enduring comments like, ”you’re so pretty for a darkskin” (the fuck bruh?)

… and if her skin were any lighter he would love her

she asks, “what’s that supposed to mean?” she makes em clear it up for her

telling her beauty is not a usual in such dark color

the funny thing is, some of the people saying it are her own sisters and brothers

old enough to be her mother, so much weave that if you cut it

you wouldnt even notice; the product of the ignorance in abundance

we’re taught white is better than brown, and brown is better than black

they say slavery is over, but we kept a couple practices in tact

cz our lips are so full, our noses are so flat

hair stands on its own…; but hey, they say we dont crack

now her self esteem is down, she’s questioning herself

black beauty losing her grip and I only want to help

Black mother of the earth

to all the girls who still natural: no perm, dread locks or an afro

you’re still beautiful (no offense to permed hair, I just had to…)

addicted to that creamy crack that weakens each strand..

thank God you could never change your roots, our fore father would be so mad

and fuck kartel “shottas nar bleach”

i tell em to be themselves, so i practice what I preach

fk his the cake soap genre, you’re melanin adapted

you feel good in your skin, nothing surpasses.

But little does she know, no other girls comes near her

still, she bleaches her skin only to be seen clearer

but the clearer she gets, the more she offends her people

but im not gonna sit and pretend like i dont know what she’s been through

not the only black kid in the class but i was the darkest, so people

always felt the need to tamper with the temper of this young black negro

So my anger sent me to counselling, i needed help

why do they fail to see the beauty that I see myself?

why the fxck should i look like them, i love my black skin, my wealth

that lady cared tho, she helped me to love and be myself

So Black mother of the earth…

Im trying to help you see the beauty in you

they werent lying when they said that black’s beautiful, it’s true…

the strength you’ve inherited due to what your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother has been through

makes you powerful beyond words, so let not their condesending comments defeat you…

stand up for who you are and the nation you’ve created and raised…

You’ve given birth to lions and panthers, though they’ve tried to keep them encaged.

Black power in the skin, strength lies in the locks of the lion’s main.

Bring back the foundation and support behind our Kings’ and Queens’ reigns…

You are…

Black mother of the earth…

Schools out!


You know what that means…..



just kidding this is what i’m going to be doing….


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